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Friday, 16 August 2019

Short Summary: Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hills | Billionaire Mentor

Think and grow rich is one of the greatest self-help books of all the time. Why?

Because it is combined knowledge about how to become successful from some of the greatest minds of the 20th century including "john.D.Rockefeller", who's the richest man in the world this ever seen, "Andrew Carnegie", the biggest steel tycoon of his time and second only "D.Rockefeller" in terms of wealth, "Henry Ford", the farmer of ford motor company, "Thomas Edison" the inventor of the light bulb and over 5000 such great minds. The author napoleon hills spend newly 30 years interviewing this great man to figure out "what made them successful". And the book is the distillation of those ideas.

In order to do great things whether it be to accumulated great riches or any other goal for that matter, we have to enroll and harness the power of our subconscious mind, that is what we will discuss.

so why do we need to do that?, well, We all have two minds inside of us "The conscious And the sub-Conscious". However, In terms of share powers, the sub-conscious mind is orders of magnitudes more powerful than the conscious mind. There is literally no comparison. If the size of the conscious mind is the size of a microwave oven the sub-conscious mind is the size of the milky way. Its extremely powerful and computational resources. It's millions of times more powerful than the conscious mind.

So, In order to accomplish your big goal you need to harness the power of your sub-Conscious mind, by programming it with the goal that you want, And how do we harness the power of the subconscious mind and program for what we want. Well! Given the nature of the subconscious mind and the conscious mind, it's not easy to program the subconscious mind but its entirely possible and this book is all about understanding precisely outdo that. so, let's understand the basics of the subconscious mind and then talk about the keys to program it or massive success.

Firstly, Even though the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind, it's still being controlled by the conscious mind. Our conscious mind is the master of our sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious is like a garden well the conscious mind is the gardener.

Secondly, we have to understand there are sub-conscious is always working, and for most people, it's working against them. Now you might be wondering why the sub-conscious mind would work against you?

well, its because the thoughts and emotions are dominating your existence every single movement, every single day If your thoughts are dominated by negativity, fear, poverty, fear of failure. Well, the subconscious mind is busy making those thoughts and reality for you, enhance its working against you. On the other hand, If you are feeding your subconscious mind deliberately designed thoughts and feelings of riches, success, positivist. Well, the subconscious mind gets busy making those thoughts reality for you. Now the challenge is that if you do not actively plan, deliberately chosen thoughts and emotions in there, it will work on the thoughts depresses as a result of neglect. And unfortunately, those are not usually positive uplifting thoughts, you constantly being bombarded with negativity all around you.

Thirdly, The sub-conscious is objective, it does not distinguish between positive or negative, it does not distinguish between a million dollar. it will take whatever thoughts and emotions you think and feel, and good busy making them a  reality.  whether positive or negative.

How do we get about programming or sub-conscious mind for great success, how do we create that burning desire that literally turns on the power of the subconscious mind in our favor and makes us unstoppable?

Here are the five keys to do exactly that:-

★ You must have a definite purpose, you must become very clear on what we want on the specific goal or we want the clear the purpose or the angle, the easier it is to get there. Only when we are clear about our goal, we can program that goal into a sub-conscious mind. If you provide your sub-conscious mind with no clear purpose goals you will get no real power from it. You have to be very clear about your goals, or very clear dollar amount, that will you harness the power of your subconscious mind, because it allows you to focus your efforts and gives you clarity of making a decision.

★ Use the power of auto-suggestion. Auto-suggestions are deliberately designed statements or comments you gift yourself, all some known as affirmations. Once you know what you want you must repeat that comment your subconscious mind over and over and over and over........................again no end to it. there is no end to maintaining your garden and you have to keep doing on this, you never stop doing it, so you keep on repeating these affirmations to your self or this auto-suggestions your self over and over again.

★ Use the power of emotion direct to the sub-conscious mind. It's not enough to think about your goals and just repeat them. you must mix those thoughts and goals with emotions. you just want to feel when the goal will be accomplished. The subconscious mind only understands the language of emotion. emotionless thought do not affect the sub-conscious mind that is a fact. you have to feel the feelings to order your sub-conscious mind. thoughts mixed with emotions have a magnetic force to do them. In this sense, they attract similar thoughts and emotions. Positive emotions will keep attracting more positive thoughts, more of the positive emotions. So your job is to minimize the influence of negative and dis-empowering thoughts and emotions.

Visualization and acting as if in or to program your subconscious mind we must see and feel the goal as if the goal is already accomplished. that you already have what you desire. How would you act if you had already accomplished your goal? how would you feel? What would you do? What feelings would dominate your mind?. The key to visualization is to actually be able to see and peer yourself having as already a accomplished the goal rather than thinking of it at a distant possibility. So if you have a goal of making a million dollars by December 31st of the next year, Visualize yourself on December 31st as having already accomplished that goal. Don't think of it that something you would like to accomplish in the future. That is creating the feeling of not having the goal right now, Instead feel that is December 31st of next year, right now, and you have already accomplished the goal. I really cannot emphasize point enough so you might wanna just rewind and watch just point of view times its just loaded with great wisdom right here.

★  Persistence and reputation, so what is the price of being able to harness the power of our subconscious mind. It is as napoleon hills say the, it's everlasting persistence and thoughts mix with emotions mixed with faith, the endless reputation of the desire mixed with positive emotions and mixed with faith. No matters what the circumstances, no matter what you see externally in the world. There is no load price we can pay. they must constantly persist and repeat these thoughts over and over and over and over again. we must decide to program our sub-conscious mind and there is no end to it. we have to do it over and over and over again. so the amazing thing is that as you begin to increase your thought about the goal and you mixed it with your positive emotions and what will happen is those thoughts and those emotions will begin to attract more of such thoughts and emotions. Until you become completely charge with these thoughts better and with these emotions.

This strategy makes the above five steps automatic, and that strategy is to "Burn The Boats".

So let me tell you the story of the Spanish to conquer "Hernan  Cortez" back in the 1500s. To really explain what it means to "Burn The Boats"? 

When Hernan Cortez is boat ships arrived on what was then the enemy empire, he had cruel intentions of fighting the enemy and conquering that area of what is now modern-day Mexico. However, he quickly realizes that his journey was badly outnumbered almost of the ratio of  1:100 and he saw that is the soldiers were starting to hesitate and thinking of retreating in case the war did not go according to plan. so, in order to get them to win, they ordered his men to burn their boats and once the boat will burn there will no way of retreating. The soldier knew very clearly that they only had two options either "win or die". There is no other way out. Do or die, And that created a burning obsession. And that is why his army win the war even though they outnumber 1to100.

Now that is the power of  Burning the Boats. it quickly gets us to harness the power of our subconscious mind. So, If you want to create a burning obsessive pulse desire for something, if you really want to program your subconscious mind with your goal, you need to cut off all other paths of retreat, you need to cut off all other possibilities. You have to go all and just one auction. Whatever you do to burn the boats make sure that at least to state of burning obsession. where you almost obsessively thinking about the goal. you need that fire, you need that obsession, and you need that in order to program your subconscious mind. And that is what will trigger you to greatness.