Summary: Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hills

Think and Grow Rich examines the psychological power of positive thinking.  Napoleon Hill demonstrates the importance of our thought patterns for our success.  Napoleon describes that most successful people in the past combined these positive thought techniques with perseverance, education, and supportive allies.  We will all fail when we want to achieve our life goals, but people willing to try will succeed.

Summary: Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hills
Book Summary: Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hills

About Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich was published in the US during the Great Depression.  However, it was highly successful.  To date, Think and Grow Rich has sold over 15 million copies.  This makes it one of the top ten best-selling self-help books.  Also in 2007, BusinessWeek ranked Think and Grow Rich as the sixth best-selling paperback business book.

About Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill was an American self-help writer. The focus of each of his books was the importance of adopting specific principles to achieve personal and financial success. Along with writing self-help books, Napoleon toured the US and the world lecturing on personal success.

Achievements require detailed planning and attainable goals
"Set your mind to a certain goal and see how quickly the world stands apart for you to pass."

- Napoleon Hill
The way to become successful is to know what you want to achieve. Without clear goals, we cannot begin our journey to success. Therefore, Napoleon Hill's advice is that people begin the journey towards success by defining their personal goals in as precise terms as possible. If you hope to become rich, you should define how much money you want to earn by a certain age. Monetary and time-specific goals You will have a clear understanding of how much you will have to invest to meet this goal.

After identifying a goal and giving it a deadline, you will want to outline a plan. The plan should include a step-by-step approach to achieve its ultimate goal. Once you have this plan, you need to act. Start straight and don't waste a minute.

These recommendations will help keep you motivated and to focus on the next goal you need to focus on achieving your overall goal.

Desire is the starting point of all achievement

Napoleon explains what you can achieve as long as you hold on to your desires. However, this does not mean that you should desire the result. For example, you will not get money anywhere. Instead, you should be obsessive about producing effective plans and attainable goals that will help you deliver the desired results.

Napoleon provides an outline that can help you plan systematically to become rich:

   • Decide how much money you want to make. It should be accurate (even to the last dollar).
    • Determine what you are willing to pay to receive this amount.
    • Choose the date by which you want to get all this money.
    • How will you reach this goal and consider what you can do right now.
    Write all the above in a clear description.
    • Finally, make sure that you read this statement twice a day.

Successful people believe in their abilities
  “There is a difference between WISHING for one thing and READY to achieve it. No one is ready for anything, as long as he believes that he can achieve it. The state of mind should be BELIEF, not just hope or desire. Openness is necessary for trust. "

  - Napoleon Hill
Unbreakable trust is a great asset. According to Napoleon, individuals who have unwavering faith are usually those who will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. This is because you cannot achieve success without confidence.

Napoleon gives the example of Mahatma Gandhi to support the power of faith and confidence. Gandhi did not have access to specific means of power: money and the military. Instead, he believed unwaveringly that he could lead his country, India, for the liberation from British colonial rule. This belief allowed him to develop a significant influence on his fellow countrymen and later made a change.

We are not separate from Gandhi. If we can harness unwavering faith in ourselves and our ability to achieve our goals, we can achieve anything.

You can't have faith Alongside fear

Napoleon states that faith cannot co-exist with fear. Therefore, once we have mastered all apprehensions, we can have unwavering faith to become rich. Napoleon divided fear into six subtypes:

• Embodied by fear of poverty, apathy, indecision, doubt, worry, over-caution, and laxity.
• Fear of criticism, embodied by self-consciousness, inadequate poetry, an inferiority complex, wastage, insufficient initiative, and insufficient ambition.
• Tainted by ill-health fears, hypochondria, poor exercise, sensitivity, self-coding, and intimacy.
• Fear of loss of one's love due to jealousy, fault-finding, and gambling.
• Fear of old age, slow development around age 40, and developing an inferiority complex. Fear of old age is associated with killing habits of initiative, imagination, and self-reliance.
• The fear of death is embodied by a focus on insufficient purpose, and insufficient suitable occupation, rather than living.

All fears fall under one of these bullet points. All fearful thoughts can never serve significant financial betterment. However, we can easily overcome our mind with fearful thoughts. Therefore, you can control your destiny by controlling your mind and thus, overcome fear and accumulate all your desired wealth.

Napoleon described fear as a state of mind. As we control our state of mind, we can decide not to be controlled by these apprehensions.

Our subconscious can influence our behavior

Unbreakable faith is not something we are born with. However, we can learn to develop this belief over time. Napoleon describes auto-suggestion as the most effective way to develop one's confidence. Auto-suggestion involves considering special and objective ideas to influence your behavior.

Auto-suggestion works by fueling your subconscious with positive goals and thoughts. As your subconscious affects your reality, these positive messages will increase your self-confidence. After this, you will start to accept that you can reach your goals. Auto-suggestion is synonymous with self-suggestion. Napoleon called it the bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind. Therefore, along with reading the important goals aloud, you must also connect the emotions with these words.

When affirming, you should encourage your desire to consume. Your subconscious mind takes action only when feelings and thoughts are connected.

Napoleon recommends using auto-suggestion as often as you can. The more often you use auto-suggestion, the more likely you are to achieve success.

Adding a chapter on desire, Napoleon also recommends the following steps towards becoming rich:

• Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Repeat the written statement made from the desired chapter aloud. Then, make sure that you also imagine having that money.
• Repeat this action every morning and night until you take into account all the money you want to make.
• Keep imagining these desires until they are committed to your memory.

Knowledge is power
"An educated person, in general, or a person with plenty of common sense is not necessary. An educated person is one who has developed his faculties of mind that he can get anything he wants without violating the rights of others, or its equivalent.

  - Napoleon Hill
Napoleon sees knowledge as the most important skill to achieve your life goals. However, he does not mean knowledge in the traditional sense. He advises you to throw out your pre-determined thoughts about how important education is. Knowledgeable is not tied to the degree that you have. Henry Ford is a perfect example of a man who lacked traditional education but was full of valuable knowledge.

Too many facts are not required to succeed. Instead, it is more important to get the right experience and knowledge. Combining experience, knowledge and strength will help you develop to a great extent. Although experience is more important, we should always be ready to learn more. It is easy to believe that we already know enough. Nevertheless, those who are truly successful are people who continue to expand their knowledge and experiences as they age. You can easily get new experiences or go to university, attend evening courses, or get practical experience.

Additionally, you should always try to surround yourself with people who are also knowledgeable and have a wide range of experiences. We do not want to be the most knowledgeable person in our professional and friendship groups. Instead, we want to surround ourselves with people who can help us learn new skills and ideas.

Imagination will turn your dreams into reality

Importance of imagination

Every success story starts with an idea. These ideas are related to people's imagination. Therefore, our imagination is like a creative workshop of our mind. We can use our imagination to convert dreams into ideas. Then, these ideas can be transformed into reality. Within your imagination, where all plans are made and made. The only limit you face depends on how much you develop your imagination. According to Hill, imagination is of two types: synthetic and creative.

Type of imagination

Creative imagination - This type of imagination helps us to come up with new ideas. This type of imagination starts from nothing and creates something unique. This type of imagination can only be imagined when your conscious mind is stimulating through desire. It is a muscle that must be trained.

Synthetic Imagination - This type of imagination uses old ideas to create new concepts. For example, Sony developers used technology from journalists' dictators to create the first portable music player: The Walkman. Nothing is created in this form of imagination because it works with existing mental content.

These two types of fantasies complement each other. Ideas are the starting point for all destiny, and they are a figment of the imagination. Napoleon gives the example of Asa Candler. Asa was the founder of Coca-Cola, which was made from headache medicine about 140 years ago. Candler took the recipe from the pharmacist and through marketing turned the product into a major success. In fact, a truly intelligent seller would know that ideas can be traded where tangible merchants cannot. Almost all considerable luck begins when a person with an excellent idea meets a person who sells ideas. When matched with desire, thoughts are an invincible force. They are more powerful than the mind that created them. Thus, you should develop a desire to hear, cultivate, and see them.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is about self-awareness. If we are aware of our weaknesses, we can challenge them and prevent them from affecting our goals. Some of the most common weaknesses are unclear goals, lack of ambition, legacy, and lack of resolve. Once we understand what weaknesses we have, we can improve our skills or account for these weaknesses through our strengths.

A thorough and honest self-analysis is required to fully understand your strengths and weaknesses. To do this, you can set a checklist of questions. The questions that Napoleon recommends are:

    • Have I achieved my goal this year?
    • Was I always friendly, polite, and helpful?
    • Did I make all decisions immediately and firmly?

After answering these questions, you should compare your subjective self-analysis to one's objective assessment. Therefore, sit with someone who knows you well and ask them to discuss your strengths and weaknesses honestly.

Reinforce your positive feelings

Our subconscious can positively shape us by providing strength and flexibility. However, it can also shape us negatively by making us pessimistic. Therefore, we must train our subconscious to recognize our desires and goals. We can do this by feeding our subconscious with positive and constructive feedback. Therefore, we should always adopt a positive mindset irrespective of our present circumstances. We can reinforce this by surrounding ourselves with optimistic and positive people.

Successful people are flexible

Stick to your plans

If you consider those who fail, it is often due to insufficient fixation. In comparison, people who succeed are often highly flexible individuals. Most people are individuals who can make split-second decisions. Nevertheless, they are able to withdraw these decisions until they become true. They are not afraid of losing money and take the loss with a pinch of salt.

Successful people stick to their original plans despite the obstacles they face. Essentially, they give the space of their dreams to blossom into reality. Despite this, Napoleon does not recommend avoiding the precise reforms that have to be done. For example, if an easy price correction would have a huge impact, you should make this change. As long as you keep your overall goal in sight, you will make the right changes at the right time.

How to develop persistence and endurance

Napoleon outlines the specific rules you should follow to create habits of perseverance and endurance in your life:

• Build a concrete goal that you are deeply passionate about.
• Make a detailed plan that can help you achieve small goals that will help you towards your concrete goals.
• Do not let negative thoughts affect your thoughts or behavior.
• Develop a strong relationship with a person or group who will support you in difficult times and support you in your success.

Strong will power is an integral part of perseverance. Once you can combine desire and willpower, you are likely to achieve your goals. How easily you can stay depends on how much you desire to reach your goal. Napoleon also suggests that your mastermind can be important in encouraging the group to celebrate through difficult times.

Eight-Step Approach to Persistence

Napoleon Hill also provided an eight-step approach to farming strongly:

• You need to know what you want as your ultimate goal. Napoleon calls it the certainty of purpose.
• Having a true desire for your goal means that you become obsessed with achieving a monetary fortune.
• You must be confident that you can follow your plan and achieve each of your goals. Napoleon calls it your self-reliance.
• Your plans should be organized and fully organized so that they are unclear when things get tough. Napoleon calls this certainty of plans.
• Your plans and related goals should always be based on fact. Napoleon calls it accurate knowledge.
• You and those around you, including your mastermind, should encourage you when things get tough. Working with these individuals to achieve their goals is described by Napoleon Hill as cooperative.
• You should always keep your focus on looking through the completion of your plans. Napoleon calls it your will.

• Persistence is based on developing a positive habit. Your daily behavior will become a habit and then who you will become. So by making courage a habit, you can overcome fear easily.

Mastermind as a driving force

You must have the power to accumulate wealth. Without power, it is impossible to put your plans into action.

Napoleon Hill describes three ways of accumulating power:

    • infinite intelligence
    • accumulated experience
    • Experimentation and research

Your mastermind group is made up of members who have knowledge that you do not. It is impossible to get enough knowledge alone. This knowledge can be converted into power by organizing it into fixed plans. Napoleon states that throughout history every major fortune was developed through allied alliances. A collection of mind produces more results than the sum of parts.

The secret of sex transmission

Transmission is related to converting one element of energy into another. Napoleon argues that sex is our most important and powerful drive. This is the most effective energy. Sex is a powerful desire that often motivates people for their livelihood and reputation. However, sex can be extremely useful if you redirect this energy to other functions. This may take significant willpower but will have a positive impact.

Napoleon Hill is not arguing that we should suppress our sexual drive. Instead, he is advocating giving this sexual energy an alternative outlet when needed. For example, using this energy to complement your creative abilities.

Surround yourself with smart people

To be successful on a large scale, you will need smart people who can support you. Napoleon describes this collaboration as a brain belief. The Brain Trust is a union of like-minded people. Brain trust should be a common goal. Also, they should be prepared to develop their competencies, and there should be a system of inquiry to hold each other accountable.

For brain trust to work, you have to develop a synergistic effect. This effect occurs when the skills of two people combine to accomplish a shared goal. The results are better than the sum of the parts of the brain trust.

Napoleon recommends meeting these people at least twice a week. Also, you should maintain harmony with each person in the group. Individuals within your group should be equally persistent, and they should be happy under your leadership.

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