What Is Fiverr & How To Sell Your Services on it?

4 Ways to Sell a service on Fiverr:
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What is fiverr.com?

Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering functions, services and products starting at a cost of $ 5.

Fiverr receives around 4.7 million visits every month.

Your objective should be to take advantage of Fiever's powerful visitor base to reach more people and sell their services or products to them.

Every service or function you offer on Fiverr is called GIG.  With Fiverr's millions of visitor base, you don't have to worry too much about the promotion and payment of your gig as Fiverr handles it for you.

You only need to focus on delivering high-quality work to maintain your rating, as the ratings given by your customers heavily impact the failure or success of your gig.

People offer a variety of services on Fiverr that range from graphics and design, digital marketing, music and audio to advertising for anything you can think of practically.

Remember that you can sell your gig at any price, $ 5 is just the minimum starting price.

Top Fiverr gig sellers make more than $ 50,000 per year by leveraging the platform and providing high-quality services.

Suitable for -

1. People who like to help others by making their lives easier.

2. People who love the freedom to work, they like to do what they really like.

Skills required -

People with in-depth skills in a particular field, using which they can help other people to complete their tasks or make their life easier.

Time required to make a gig on Fiverr -

You can make gigs on Fiverr within about an hour.  All you have to do is sign up on Fiverr first.

When creating a gig you need to enter your gig title, upload the gig image, write the gig description and insert the relevant tags and keywords.


1. Find out your best skills - The first thing you need to do is to sit quietly and find the skills in which you are the strongest and stick to tasks related to them until you see some success.

E.g.  If you are a person who can design logos and websites, then you should make and sell gigs at Fiverr that focus on logo creation and web designing.

2. Do Your Initial Homework - Before you dive into gig building you will have to do some research to make sure that the gig you are planning to offer is a willing buyer.

Ques- What if you have an amazing gig idea, but it didn't sell?

To avoid such a situation you must do the necessary research to understand what the buyers are looking for in your niche.

3. Find popular jigs related to your skill set - One of the best ways to see success with Fiverr is to dig up popular gigs related to your skill set, study them, then model your gig accordingly.

When studying other pigs you should see the most important metric:

  • Title
  • description
  • The image
  • pricing strategy
  • Upsell strategy
  • Bonus strategy
4. Craft the title of your gig - Now that you're ready with all the research data, jump into gig creation.  Obviously, title creation will be your first step here.

To optimize the title of your gig you should follow the following steps.

👉Your gig title, based on your research data, uses intricate words in the title to ensure that it attracts and is relevant to your target customers' attention.

E.g.  If you are giving a logo designing gig.  You should consider using a title like

  • I will create 3 magazine logos in 24 hours
  • I will design a professional logo with free modifications
  • I will design 2 STONNING logo bonuses free editable file

👉All the above titles are beautifully fabricated as they contain two important things.

First of all, they all have interesting words like MAGNIFICIENT, PROFESSIONAL, STUNNING and BONUS.  These words definitely help to catch the attention of the right people.

Second, they are appealing to all the most important aspects that any person who wants to design a logo is looking at.

E.g.  The first title "3 people logo in 24 hours" will appeal to those who are in urgent need of a logo.

The second title "Professional Logo with Free Logo" will appeal to the kind of people who want the option to incorporate their changes in logo design.

The third title "2 STUNNING LOGO BONUS Free Editable File" will appeal to those who have some knowledge of logo designing and want to customize the logo on their own.

5. Create your gig image - While doing the initial homework you may have noticed that some gigs have better pictures than others that really make them stand out.

Shortlist such images and take inspiration from them while modeling your image.

Once you are ready with the initial idea then use free online image editing tools like Pixler or Befunky to create an image of your gig.

6. Write a description of the gig - Your gig details play an important role in convincing your potential customers to place an order with you.

Therefore you should ensure that the details of your gig are accurate, clear and attractive to your potential customers.

Study the details of other top related gig and give your details on them to get some inspiration.

Remember, never copy other gig details, it will ban you.

Just use them to get ideas to create your unique details.

Also make sure that you are listing your gigs in the correct category to maintain their relevance.

7. Use the right tag - The tag plays the most important role in ranking your gig higher.

Most people do not realize its importance and ignore them, so if you customize your gig properly using the right tag then it gives you the best opportunity to get ahead of them.

8. Apart from all the above points, you need to make sure that your work on Fiverr is reliable and unique.

There can be many logo designers on Fiverr, but if you understand the needs of your customers and do the work in the best way, you will be able to protect them as your customer for a long time.

How to monetize -

Monetization is very simple.  More people place orders with you to make more money.

Your delivery function affects your user rating which directly affects your order placement.

The simple rule of thumb is, the higher the user rating, the higher your orders.

Fiverr handles all your transactions securely, so you don't have to worry about any payment processing problem.

If you have any doubt about this method.  Please contact us through our contact form.

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