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Part 5:- Become a ghost writer

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Who is a ghost writer?

In simple words, a Ghost Writer is someone who writes for other people.

Most busy bloggers, writers, publishers employ ghostwriters to complete their writing assignments.

As a Ghost Writer, all your work will be owned by the person who appoints you.

As a writer your name will not appear anywhere else.  But you will get paid handsomely for the job.

Most of your jobs as a ghost writer will involve writing books, e-books, blog posts, articles and press releases.

Suitable for -

People who are fond of writing.

Skills required -

The ability to get into the minds of customers, understand their needs and turn their story into writing.

How to get started -

You can start by going to the following websites / URLs and applying for available ghostwriting jobs:

1. Upwork.com

2. Freelancer.com

3. WriteZillas.com

(Exact URL - https://writezillas.com/freelance-ghostwriters.html)

4. Jobforwriter.com

(Exact URL -https://jobforwriter.com/ghostwriting.php)

5. Peopleperhour.com

Expected Earnings -

At an entry level, you can expect to earn $ 10- $ 25 per hour.  Once you reach an intermediate level you can expect to earn $ 30- $ 50 per hour.

After you have a lot of experience and positive reviews, you will make $ 60- $ 70 per hour.

If you have any doubt about this method.  Please contact us through our contact form.

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