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Ch-1:- Highest control of conditions:

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Conditions become thinking.  Change your mind and you will change your position.  Suffering and struggling in bad condition is like fighting in Tej, you go deep.  Tell your bad situations to another and you multiply them.  If the sky is falling and the earth is slipping under your feet, grab a big Turkish towel, walk briskly in the highest sanctuary of the body, -bath-room, take a bath with full salt-water, some perfume.  To awaken your self-respect with drops.  Then get a good ten to fifteen hours sleep in a cool, dark room.  Then get up and eat slowly, quietly and happily eat some nutritious food.  God, himself, could do nothing with Elijah, unless he gave him a long sleep and a good meal.  Then Elijah went ahead and crowned a king, appointed a prophet, established a kingdom, and rode home in chariots of fire.  Once you make a start, the world is at your command.  Let go of the past.  Stop the silly thinking that conditions are holding you, that you are holding on to conditions.  Your self-pity, blaming others and saying that you are a victim of circumstances.  Stop crying, and start singing, then will your feet be opened from the stock and the iron gates open before you.  Look away from yourself.

What will you have?  Wake it up  See if you are sailing, or drifting.  Set your mind compass for new ideas, new objectives, selfless desires, fill your mail with boundless hope, and serve your daily travel mantra in a big way.  You are not a chip on the river of life, you are a supreme master in the facts of a universe.  You feel like you're stuck in the port mud, but it's only now that the tide is out.  

Command your desire to plant sails, God will send you the wind and the tide so that you can get out of the stale, bad mental and physical conditions in which you are living, giving you a wide horizon and an infinite ocean of experience  .  If no one wants to accompany you, leave them on the sidelines.  Let go of your past, get away from the circumstances that keep you in slavery.  Seek out new scenes, create new surroundings, start a new supreme life.

Abandon your physical support: go back to nature;  Be a good animal.  Get into sunshine, silent forest, open fields.  While sleeping on the grass, or half buried in the sand, kiss your body while walking through the dew barefoot.  Tuberculosis, arthritis, insomnia are unknown to wild animals.  Our bodies are sick and weak because we have defamed ourselves.  Make friends with wild animals, they will teach you how to keep well.  

There is not a single case of nervous prostitution in all their huge forest houses.  Learn to relax.  Reduce your stress and check for confusion.  Stop a few minutes a day and calm your nerves, relax your muscles, soothe your senses, calm your thoughts, somewhere in the sun, or under the shade of an old apple tree.  Just, slowly, eat nuts, dates, grains, fruits.  Drink plenty of water between meals.  Wear less clothes someday, study your personal appearance, give it harmony.  Keep your body well groomed.  A bath and a haircut will change the out-look of life.  Quit the habits that weaken the body.  Never talk about your physical weakness, illness or condition, nor listen to others.  Criticize your body and it will fail you.  Praise your body and it will serve you.  Take air-baths, cold water taps, or cold water sponges every morning.  Having a sound and energetic body fix your mind and you will attract it.  Learn to exercise, walk, run, play, work and rest.  

Change your habits of living.  Cut the Grouch.  do not tease.  You are sour because your pores have closed;  Saw a buck and took a sweat.  You are sick blue because your solar trap has gone to gold;  Give it half an hour of internal vibration.  Don't knock the weather, like this, go into it, put iron in your blood.  Dipped in a storm, it will act as a tonic on your soul.  A dip in the ocean will add magnetism to your body.  Your body is a powerful healing engine of amazing energy.  Over-fed, under-fed, over-burdened, neglected, abused, weak, shame, yet from year to year it produces a divine thing in the universe - life.  

It transmits unholy elements into divine energy, washes a river of blood free of tons of poison, supports a brain that builds and rules infinite kingdoms, destroying a vision that darkens  Dissolves in the light, in the unknown known, the image above, and the "temple of the living deity".  Your body is supreme.  Keep it divine.  Stripe your body bare and lie in the sun.  Deeply soak it in tissue, it will magnetize your body, and renew it with youth.  Do these sun-baths by lying on the couch before a big window in every sun, or even better, in the open air.  If you want a magnetic body that is soft, elastic and young, then give it daily sun-bath and air-bath.

Support your mind: Your mind is infinite.  You were born to lead, not always to lead.  Think for yourself  Do your own planning.  Make new plans  Train your mind to think alone.  Audacity has rusted the mind which has stopped working.  Train your mind to please people.  Do not follow the crowd, but step softly between human hearts.  

Train your brain to think big.  Expand your mind until it engulfs the universe.  Stop fussing over small things, useless people, and fill your mind with new ideals and a new purpose.  Stop hovering over flowers that will never bloom on the north side of your house;  Walk south and create a new garden.  You have a disposition that is likely to be misunderstood;  No problem.  So did Cervonarola, Columbus, Galileo, Luther, Whitfield, Emerson, Lincoln, and Christ.  "Seven cities fought for Homer, dead, on whose streets Homer asked for his bread."  Christ's reputation was the exact opposite of his character.  

He stood on the horizon thinking his brave thoughts where the truth tells you to stand.  You are better than you think;  Or as good.  You are the sum total of your thinking.  The idea is to build palaces, not mud huts.  Create, generate, produce new ideas.  Wary of dead monotony, it kills the brain.  Remove your thoughts from assumptions, prejudices and limitations.  Think well about yourself, think well about what you have, think well about what you do, think unbeatable, think strongly, think with unfinished resolution.  Concentration is happening on one thing, thinking it, planning it, preparing for it, working on it, doing IT.  Your circumstances, mental, physical, financial, thinking are created by thinking;  Fill your mind with different thoughts and you will have different situations.  

The thought that you collect things around you, they pass away when you stop thinking about them.  Thoughts are seeds, they produce their own kind.  A little thought will shake up useless situations and confusing environments.  Think of something fun in your daily programs.  Do not be more serious;  This gives rise to germs of the disease, such as thoughts of anger and hatred prompting cancer, tumors and liver problems.  Start a storm of jewelery.  Break loose in the thunderstorm of the murth, it will clean the atmosphere under a roof, just as a thunderstorm cleans the air on the roof.  

On the other hand "it is the season of weeping."  Never calm your feeling, to return it stimulates the heart.  Raise the flood gates and water your tears in the garden of your heart.  "Be renewed in your spirit of mind."  That is life.  Be fresh every morning, a new life for each day, a fresh world, the beginning of eternity.  Build your thought enemies into thoughtful friends.  Doubt his idea, creating confidence in the idea.  The thought has pulled you into your positions, it will pull you out.  Your soul, your mind, your body cannot become ugly, worthless, imprisoned, as long as you think of supreme harmony, dominion and love.  

Thought makes your body a sergeant, your mind a madhouse, or thought makes your body a temple and your mind a temple where angels live with you.  The environment, conditions, circumstances are not your master, they are the material that thinking about what makes beautiful mosaics of the character.  Light a new thought candle and work diligently in every corner of your mind, and you will find a rare treasure - happiness.  Have fun with your thinking.  Do not take yourself so serious, put the red blood of Mirath in your daily thinking.

Fulfill your desire: Your desire is divine energy, therefore it is a supreme power.  Christ said: "You shall be as you will."  It is inertia that suffers.  Fate, fear and doubt are the children of imagination.  The power of will dissolves them into mist.  You will have power.  There will be power in your work.  Will put power in his ambitions.  Will bring strength in your emotions.  Your words will have power.  And you will be "a fellow worker with God, a master builder who does not need to be ashamed."  

Your desire gives infinite clarity, infinite power, infinite ideals, infinite aspirations to infinite realities.  Your will tells you that if there is a day that you feel too good to be true, then believe it, try for it, go on to achieve it, and tomorrow it will be true.  Will is the engine at the depths of the ship that propels it to the harbor away from the waves and storms.  Will put your back bone where your wishbone is now.  Will puts iron in your blood, tightens your vertebrae and makes you a "self-starter".  You have lost your battle, your wish is ready for another better campaign.  You miss an opportunity, your will is ready to open the door to a hundred new people.  Delay is the mother of most failures.  

There is one thing worse than "a bizarre" one that the person is afraid to start.  Your desire gives purpose and makes you stick to it.  Get patience for a new siege.  Will make a wish  Makes a mind.  Will decide  To fix means "to cut";  Cut deep into the world of possibilities, break out of your prison of hardships, for freedom, for health, for success, for the supreme power to cut down your forest of opposition.  Think, plan, do it.  Will cure the disease.  Will take out the poison from the system.  Makes the body immune.  Will brighten the brain with brilliant perception.  One side will remove the rogues and rebuild the success of a nobleman.  Julius Caesar trained his supreme will until he became the dominion of the Roman Empire.  The goddess Diana said of Hercules: "When I saw him, whether he sat or stood, I knew he was a god, so majestic is his will."  Like the magnetic mountain in "Arabian Nights", your will can pull nails from your enemy's ships, so they will fall to pieces before reaching your edges.  Will is an everlasting, cosmic energy from which eternal things move, and immortal beings are created.  The will is the glory of the divine universe, and you are a part of that desire.  

The oracles of prophecy will fall asleep in your will.  You were made a master in this world.  Your will has the zeal of sovereignty, Dominion, Kingship.  With the force of Will, the Pygmalion engraved his soul's dream in marble until its form and grace became so real as to capture life and motion.  Constructed his Hell with the force of Will Dante, and rebuilt his paradise with the force of Will Milton.  Keep your wish in command.  new beginning.  Realize that you are supreme, get the picture you want, what you want to be, what you want to do, activate it.  Rise above the doubt.  Do not wait to be happy, to be happy, to become rich, all these will join you.  Get out of the jail of your doubts, worries, fears.  Start from where you are.  Let your will be created, just as God makes it.  "He who believes, shall not perish, shall not live in darkness, shall be the light of life, shall have life forever; all things are possible for him who believes."  

Careless heroes come out of the gallery of worshipers, go to the area and become heroes.  Skip the drive of Matinee Idol Longing, and get on the stage of life and get a bouquet for yourself.  The world is waiting for its star part in life to lift the curtain.

You can work: Miracle is a wonder, a wonderful, a supernatural phenomenon, the result achieved by the suspension of natural processes.  You can do this any day.  The miracle is that very few people do this.

Ibsen's play is "The Doll House".  How the wife forged a note, raising money to send her husband to recover again.  How he achieved it, returned with great fame and wealth as a banker.  The blackmailer then threatened to disclose the crime.  How the husband angrily approached his wife that he should have done such a thing, which meant that he is in high position.  How the wife replied: "Why, I expected a miracle. You will save me because I saved you. You will say that you did it."  If it were only, what a wonderful, what a wonderful, what a supernatural thing.  

Christ created the whole and the useful with one hand.  People say, "Hey, that I could do such a wonderful job."  Well, why don't you look at the withered hands around you.  A young woman with a beautiful voice, but no means of farming.  Do you have a thousand or so in the bank?  You can save that voice in a world that needs singing.  A young man with a good mind is eager to go to college, you have the means to give that mind to the world for strength and utility.  The natural thing is not to do it, the supernatural, the miracle is that you are divine enough to do it.  

A man, a woman, despaired of the world, a friendless, cruel judge, their good is destroyed, their soul is uprooted, their hearts bleed, their lives are wasted, they die.  The natural thing is to avoid this way, stand aside, be quite careless and indifferent.  Miracles happen when you go to them, pick them up, bring them back to society.  I have said to avoid useless people, I mean selfish, lazy, aimless, aimless people.  Sir Humphrey Davy performed a miracle when he took the boy Faradi out of a stable loft and gave him a chance to groom his talent.  Sistine Chapel is a miracle of Angelo.  

When the band on the deck of the Titanic, under the dim light of the morning stars, played "Near My God to Thee" to give hope and power to men and women, men and women struggling to save their tune.  As the voice of.  Forever the shining emerald in the crystal tomb of the sea was hushed behind the gates, crowned with the glory of a selfless miracle.  The obvious thing is for them to struggle to protect themselves.  What wonderful opportunities you have given to work miracles!  What great possibilities are still in front of you!  The handicapped is always at its gate beautiful.  Are you divine enough, amazing enough, amazing enough, supernatural enough to say: "I give it to you as I have done"?  do it quickly.  Do this, and you will know daily that it would be a pleasure to listen to the father: "This is my son in which I am well pleased."

If there is one person on this earth whom I take off my hat and wait until they pass safely, it is a school teacher.  The most obscure teacher, back in the hills of the country, can see in the mirror her evening and an angel in the evening, unknown, unthoughtful, but lovingly showing the secrets of knowledge to small stroller boys and girls.  Can see face.

Flowers poured their wealth into the empty air, and the rich father poured his wealth on the vacant heir.

Some people are so sensitive that if you call them "honey", they will break out of "hives" the next morning.

Do not divorce your husband because he has cold feet, perhaps he has met you since marriage.

Christ stopped every funeral that came his way and sent the mourners home.  The funeral was very sad for the sermon.  He became a health resort in every sick room.  He made the grave-yard unpopular.

Many single loners have looked to the vibe for years, remembering the charming moonlight nights, when the cool summer air was scented with old-fashioned flowers, and they looked into the sweet eyes of their sweethearts;  Recalls how the crimson glow of youth swept his velvety cheeks, as he took his hands in his arms;  Sadly if he only gave that hand "a class deal", playing it in the game of life, he would now have "full house".

Would you like to be young?  Then tap new reservoirs of youth ideas, irrigate your alkali desert with the fountain of youth, youth become active in some new work-space.  Vanderbilt added $ 100,000,000 to his fortune after eighty.  Wordsworth earned a Laureateship at seventy-two.  His people established the French Republic and became its first president on seventy-two.  Verdi wrote "Falstaff" at eighty.  Sir Walter Scott was in debt for $ 600,000 when he was sixty-five years old, but due to his own efforts he paid all and made himself a permanent name.

Not all bookish knowledge.  A wealthy, fond father, fearing his son would be corrupted by college life, he was educated at home.  When he was twenty-one, he took him for a ride on the city streets.  As soon as the door opened, he passed a female madrasa and a crowd of young women were found.  The beloved boy grabbed his father's arm and cried, "What are they?"  His father replied, "They are only Goslings."  Later in the day, the fond father said: "My son, you have obeyed me, have faithfully completed my education, now I am willing to spend $ 50,000 to give you the highest ambition of my life."  The boy looked at Khushi with astonishment and said: "Father, give me a goslin".

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