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Ch-2:- Highest Control of Age:

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YOUTH IS ETERNAL: Nature is never outdated.  The flowers that bloom in Eden are in bloom for the day.  As lovely, as lovely, absolutely fresh and unchanged.  Rose brings your soulmate home for you, as the same scent that Rose brought Adam to Eve, if he thinks about it.  The lovely stars that shine in the blue region above you tonight, have the same love that shines in the trembling glory downward on the shepherds beyond Bethlehem.  Surya, the life-giving rays of the sun that warmed Mother Earth to oral spring life, ten thousand years ago, are the same life-giving rays that will again bring spring-tide.  

Life never gets old, it only changes form.  Your life is always, then your youth can always be.  Mankind is ever young, its units fall.  You have to be sixteen years old, sixteen years old, because you have more life.  Getting old is a habit.  People travel with life up the hill for years, until they reach a certain point where they want to start will be getting old.  Think about its time.  It's time to think.  Consider its time to begin the process of decay.  Then start talking about it.  To write a letter about it.  To feel around for this.  To seek it in others.  In the end, the habit he inherited from the race is on, and he is old.  Life is endless, but you can think of it as short, "The power of an endless life," is within you, but thinking you can turn it into the white ashes of old age. THINK YOUTH AND YOU STAY YOUNG.

YOUTH IS GROWTH: Keep growing and you stay young.  A new idea will make you feel younger.  Develop it and it will develop you.  Speed ​​up your mental beats with new ideas.  begin now.  Stop talking about growing up.  You pass through trees every day, hundred, two hundred years old, yet they are growing.  A rose bush on a wall in China, believed to be more than a thousand years old, now bears more roses than when it was only a slip of a vine of one hundred.  At eighty, Gladstone was a rising politician, and was elected Prime Minister of England for the fourth time.  At eighty, Cato began to study Greek, and renewed his youth of mind.  Donald Davis is a rising hunter at one hundred and three.  Goddard Diamond was a rising teacher of health when he was one hundred eleven.  I know a bright, happy woman who is starting a new study of her household chores as well as decorating China, and she is eighty.  Also another woman who has started a new process of drawing in watercolors and she is eighty years young.  The fig tree withers when the master of life finds that it is not growing, producing, building.  When you stop growing you will fight the same law.  Cultivate something, cultivate something, cultivate something, and the law of youth will strike your existence.

YOUTH IS OBSERVING THE LAW: law of health, law of mind, law of development, law of harmony, law of production, law of expression, law of beauty, law of selflessness.  Maintain your physical powers.  Rebuild the damaged tissue.  Keep the system free of waste.  Stop poisoning your body with anger, hatred, jealousy, fear.  Keep your mind sweet  Think happily.  Avoid mental turmoil and excitement.  Worry and fear are the two great enemies of youth.  Next is selfishness.  Think every morning when you wake up- "This new day is new life. It is fresh from God's hand. It is to use me. I will extend it to the right day."  Grow in each day, and grow each day.  Check out the bickering.  Leave the discussion worthless for this and weaken it.  Stop the fight  Investigate complaints.  Criticism rooted in his life.  You are older than these things.  Go in harmony.  You belong to the world, on the world, from the universe to the universe.  Study your words to make them, their beauty, walk for your grace, magnetize your personality, give courage and comfort to your smile, heal your appearance, help, inspire.  "If there is any virtue in anything, which is lovely, think on those things."

YOUTH LOVING WORK: It's what you do.  Do what makes you and others happy.  Enjoy your daily work.  Adjust it until you like it.  Learn to work to bring happiness.  Put happiness in your work in the morning and you will multiply it in happiness at night.  Work is a rule of youth.  Inactivity is decay.  Inertia is death.  Men and women usually do not lose their positions, they take their positions away from them.  The law of work will not stand personal abuse, any more than the law of beauty will tolerate cruelty.  Make an ideal of your work, make a mental picture of it, simplify it, organize it, beautify it, then glorify it.  Start the process in a small degree and you will get a result.  Apply a new shock absorb-er to your nature.  Bring your nuanced sensations to your work, be very morally, mentally deep and work with confidence.  Put rules and order in your daily work.  Practice your self-control, your self-mastery, self-mastery, march to your task with efficiency supported by a dominant desire.  Realize your highest personality in your work.  Put the full "I AM" in your purpose of the toilet.  Put "I HAVE DECIDED," the dominating decision in your efforts.  Put the invincible determination, "I Will," into your complex problem.  Have relentless belief, "I wish", in my ardent desires.  Then you will fall in love with work.  When you come to the work of love you will not leave yourself in it, you will not exhaust your mind and body from its friction, because you will not work with selfish motives, but to enrich the world.  "Love is the perfection of the law."

YOUTH IS SUPREME CHEERFULNESS: To be lifeless is to be lifeless.  Good cheer is the tonic of youth.  If you are so depressed that you cannot laugh at anything, then you cannot laugh at anything.  "Laughter and the world" - you know it.  An ounce of a smile will give you more real life than a serious seven tons.  Prosperity and prosperity go hand in hand.  Bathed in the forehead.  Frisk in some sunshine daily, even if you live in Pittsburgh and make your own incense.  Have fun, don't always buy it.  You can cure illness and kill the devil with laughter.  Cultivate a contagious laugh.  Mirth makes work easier.  Read humor and learn to tell it.  Practice telling a good, funny story.  Be quick-witted.  There is a bright side to everything in this world, even to a dark-lantern.  The end of the film is sure to be cheerful.  Good cheer attracts good luck.  Be happy  If you are not taking someone's smile, wear it as one.  "May your heart be happy."  Take it out  Sleep with a smile on your face and you will wake up with a joy in your heart.  Let your humor be rich humor.  Laughter is a cipher-key for a man.  It is one of the most delightful sounds of the earth.  The most lost day is the day you don't laugh.  Mirth clears the mirror of the mind.  A person who does not laugh is not healthy.  "A merry heart doeth good, like a medicine."  Begin to cultivate bliss to forget your sorrow.  Stay away from unhappy people, or you will be unhappy.  Stop rehearsing your grief, you just increase it.  If you suffer, get someone in trouble and make them happy, encourage them, help them, and you will deliver yourself.  When you give comfort to another you will give yourself comfort.  You cannot lose a loved one, absent from the Earth plane they are closer to than ever before.  Life and love never change.  Death is a false idea.  Our friends take a new avatar that is glorified in life and soul.  When you believe that you were "created in His image," and "a partaker of the divine nature," it is easy to believe, "You will be born in His likeness."  Someday we all believe that we are not, morally broken, but divine Natures, supreme in the boundless power.  Disruption of the environment of generations of traditions, teachings, education, thinking, morally broken, sin burdened humanity.  All ideas are created conditions.  Thought created dignity.  Thought committed original sins.  The system cultivated human mistakes.  Institutional teachings of error.  But you should know that the universe is an undivided soul.  You are a yoke-fellow with God.  You are a part of One Complete Life.  You are a lobe of infinite brain.  You are the Supreme Personality of the Supreme Personality.  There is nothing that life is God-damned.

Where love is only a dream, marriage is an alarm clock.

If you can't bear your mother-in-law, you can start your plans to be alone once your children are married.

A fight between two people to settle things is a good deal like a dog fight in a bed of flowers, the only thing that settles is flowers.

Almost always when you hear a boy's energy as well as the lustful noise of filling the air, you can look out the window and find a woman's hand on your trouble seat.

You can work on your perception of cleanliness.  A woman from Vermont cut off the floor of her kitchen and fell into the basement, ending her utility for life.

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