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7. Manhood:

  Manhood is between two extremes — ripe, fertile seasons of action, when alone we can expect to find the head uniting to execute by hand.

  Each age has its own strange duties and privileges, pleasures and pains.  When young we trust ourselves too much;  There are very few when we trust others.  The error of puberty is timid caution.  In our youth, we build palaces and make action plans for ourselves through life.  As we get closer to old age, we see more and more clearly that we are pushed forward by a powerful torrent, as we wish.  Then we realize how little control our course has in reality;  Our actions, resolutions and efforts, which seem to give such a guiding course for our lives,

  "But there are eddy of powerful current

  He arrives at his appointed time.  "

  Feathers develop in childhood, eg, twenty years, a life span seems to be an endless period.  We wonder at manhood that time moves so fast;  We understand the fleeting period of life.  The years that pass in old age seem to be nightmares, our life is told as a story.  Childhood is the season of dreams and high resolutions;  Of manhood, plans and actions;  Age, retrospectiveness and regret.

  There is certainly no greater age for good or evil than early manhood.  Young people have a lot of justification, they are depicted as the flowers of a country.  Being a man and being one are two different things.  All youth should consider carefully what manhood means.  It is not included only in years, nor in form and shape.  It is above and beyond these things.  It is the product of the cultivation of each power of the soul, and each higher spiritual quality is inherently or decently supplemented.  Living to achieve this true manhood should be the noble objective.  The youth have no high quest to propose themselves.  He stands at the beginning gate of active life.  There he catches the first glimpse of the possibilities in store for him.  There he assumes for the first time the duties which will soon apply to him.  What higher purpose can he propose to do his part in life, as one who becomes a man who lives not only for time, but for eternity?  How sincerely must he pledge to walk for true manhood!

  Some claims that give comfort to all young men are noble and weighty, which cannot be moved if they wish.  They grow out of the indomitable relationships they maintain for society, and those invaluable interests - social, civic, and religious - with all the duties and responsibilities associated with them, soon to be shifting on their shoulders from the venerable father  Carries the burden and heat of the day.  Various departments of business and trust, pulpits and bars, justice and hall of law of our courts, our civic, religious and literary institutions, all, in short, which constitute society and go on to make life useful and happy  , Being in their hands and under their control.

  The society, for its own interests and privileges, imposes related claims on them, and demands that they be prepared to fill the places with respect and utility that they occupy.  Young men cannot reason rationally about the station in which they are heading, or about the duties that fall upon them, without deeply realizing their need for high and strange qualifications.

  Every youth must do everything he can with determination to come forward in life, and leave the world better to live in his life.  He should consider that he was made not for himself alone, but for society, for mankind, and for God.  He must consider that he is a constituent, responsible member of the great family of man, and, while he should pay special attention to the wishes and well-being of those with whom he is immediately connected, to send his ideas abroad to himself  Should be accustomed to.  Extensive fields of practical philanthropy.

  Sublime feelings arise within the young man that contribute to its uplift, and although it has difficulties to overcome and eliminate obstacles, yet with truth to its watchman, and to his own humble motives and diligence  Trusting, it can be with respect to their foreheads.  He can never wear the crimson wreath of a warrior, the poet's peons, or the praise of a politician;  However no grand, universal truth can be accepted before the world;  Although it may never be a successful issue to bring about a great political revolution;  Being the founder of a republic that would be an iconic star in the constellation of nations;  More than that, although his name may never be heard beyond the narrow confines of his own neighborhood, his mission is none the less high and noble.

  In the moral and material world there is not only the field of fighting, but also the cause of truth and virtue calls for the champions, and the field of doing good is white to harvest.  If he is involved in Ranka, and his spirits are unconscious, he can write his name among the stars of heaven.  Beautiful lives have blossomed in dark places, such as pure, white lilies, full of fragrance, sometimes blooming on slimy, stagnant water.  No possession is as productive of real influence as a highly cultured intellect.  Money, birth, and official stations may secure external, superficial etiquette, but they never did and never can the reverence of the heart be secured.  It is only for a man of large and noble soul - who mixes a gentle mind with an honest mind - who pays tribute to men deep and genuine.  A man should never take pride in what is common to an animal;  Nor a wise man who is common to a fool;  Nor is a good man common to a wicked man.

  Since it is in the intellect that we trace the source of all those who are great and noble in man, it follows that if one is ambitious to possess true masculinity, they will be men of reflection, whose daily actions are their decisions.  Are controlled by, men who recognize the fact that life is a real and prosperous matter, that time is fleeting, and, consequently, wasted on it as a waste  Do Mitigation resolution;  Men whose lives and conversations reflect that serious lien and deportation, who become well-off who have great interests to their charge, and who determine that they have had a breakthrough in life with them so far  , The importance of every step taken by those who feel fully, and consequently, must carefully consider the mind trained to think accurately  .

  A person who thinks, studies, studies and meditates, his features are cut off in his intellect, his eyebrows are stamped, and his eye sparkles.  Thinking, not development, makes perfect manhood.  There are some, even though they are growing up, are only boys.  The constitution can be fixed while the decision is immature;  Limbs can be strong when arguments are strong.  Many who can run and jump and cannot bear any fatigue, cannot investigate, nor argue, nor judge, nor convict them.  Such persons, though they may have the figure of a man and the years of a man, are not in possession of manhood;  They will not achieve this until they learn to look beyond the present, and take broader and broader ideas of their relationship to society.

  As we often mistake brilliant luster for solid gold, so we often mistake specific looks for true value and masculinity.  We are prone to take businesses and words in exchange for action;  Very easily, impressed by good clothes and polite bearing, one gets to know the character and tricks of the person.  Man should be identified not by his sleeping hoards, but for a time, not by ordinary or temporary effect, but by his untouched principles relative to both character and religion.  Attack them and what is that?  A barbarism without sympathy!  Take them, and his colony is gone;  He no longer lives in the image of his creator.  No smile makes her lips happy, no appearance of sympathy evokes her affirmation to tell of love and charity for the love of others.

  But let man go abroad with just principles, and what is that?  An exhausting fountain in a vast desert!  A brilliant sun, which was ever shining, dispels every vicissitudes of darkness.  He has love in his heart, breaths of sympathy in every tone.  Tears of mercy - the dew drops of the soul - gather in his eye, and press his cheek vigorously.  A good man is abroad, and the world knows and feels it.  There is no undying passion under his smile;  There is no one guilty within his heart.  He is not high in mortal pride, not high in his thoughts, but honest, moral and virtuous in front of the world.  He stands on the truth;  His stronghold is knowledge, and his dominion is a vast and boundless universe.  Always honest, kind and sympathetic;  Is always connected only with principles, and is acted upon by itself, governed by the highest objectives in doing good;  This is his only true manhood.

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