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Chapter:1-The Rich Don't Work for Money: Continue:-

"That's right," Rich Dad smiled.  "You see, your dad went to school and got an excellent education, so he could get a high-paying job. But he still has money problems because he never learned anything about money in school. His  Above, he believes in working for money. "

"and you're not?"  I asked

"No, not really," said Rich Dad.  "If you want to learn to work for money, stay in school.  This is a great place to learn to do this.  But if you want to learn how money works for you, I will teach you.  But only if you want to learn.  "

"Wouldn't everyone want to learn this?"  I asked

"No," said rich Dad, "just because it is easy to learn to work for money, especially if fear is your primary emotion when discussing the subject of money."

"I couldn't understand," I said with a frown.

"Now don't worry about it. Just know that this is a fear that hires most people: fear of not paying their bills, fear of being fired, fear of not having enough money,  And the fear of starting over. It's the cost of studying to learn a profession or business, and then working for money. Most people become slaves to money and then get angry at their boss. "

"Learning to make money work for you is a completely different way of studying?"  I asked

"Absolutely," Amir Dad replied.  "Absolutely."

We sat silent on that beautiful Hawaiian Saturday morning.  My friends had just started playing Little League Baseball, but for some reason I was thankful that I decided to work for 10 cents an hour.  I felt that I am not going to learn anything from my friends at school.

"ready to learn?"  Rich Dad asked.

"Absolutely," I said with a smile.

"I have kept my promise.  I am teaching you from a distance, ”said my rich father.  "At the age of nine, you've got a taste of what it's like to work for money.  Just multiply your last month by fifty years and you get an idea of ​​what most people are doing their lives.  "

"I don't understand," I said.

"How was it like waiting in line to see me, to hire once and ask for money once more?"

"Terrible," I said.

"If you choose to work for money, that's what life will be like," said the rich father.

"And how did you feel when Mrs. Martin dropped three dims in your hand for three hours of work?"

"I felt it wasn't enough. It seemed like nothing. I was disappointed," I said.

"And that's why most employees feel it when they look at their salary - especially after all taxes and other deductions.  At least you got 100 percent.  "

"You mean most workers are not paid everything?"  I asked with amazement.  "not rich!"  Rich Dad said.  "The government always takes its share first."

"How do they do this?"  I asked

"Kara," said rich daddy.  You are taxed when you earn. When you spend, you are taxed. When you save, you are taxed. When you die, you are taxed.  "

"Why did the government let people do them?"

"Rich isn't rich," said rich dad with a smile.  “The poor and middle classes do.  Let me assure you that I earn more than your Dad, yet he pays more in taxes.

"How can this happen?"  I asked  At my age, it made no sense to me.

"Why would anyone let them do this to the government?"

Rich Dad slowly and quietly climbed into his chair, just watching me.

"Ready to learn?"  He asked.

I shook my head slowly.

“As I said, there is a lot to learn.  Learning to work for you is a study of a lifetime.  Most people go to college for four years, and their education ends.  I already know that my study of money will continue in my lifetime, simply because the more I know, the more I know that I should know.  Most people never study the subject.  They go to work, get their salaries, balance their checkbook, and that's it.  They then wonder why they have problems with money.  They feel that more money will solve the problem and will not realize that it is their lack of financial education which is the problem.  "

"So my dad has a tax problem because he doesn't understand money?"  I asked confused.

"Look," said rich dad, "tax is just a small section on learning how to make money work for you. Today, I just want to know if you still have a passion for knowing about money. Mostly  People don't. They want to go to school, learn a profession, have fun at work and earn a lot of money. One day they wake up with big money problems, and then they can't stop working.  They only have to work for money instead of working for money to do that is worth knowing. So you still have the passion to learn? "Asked rich dad.

I shake head.

"Good," said rich daddy.  "Now come back to work. This time, I won't give you anything."

"what?"  I asked in amazement.

"You heard me. Nothing. You will work three hours every Saturday, but this time you will not be paid 10 cents per hour. You said that you do not want to work for money, so I will give you  I'm not going to give anything. "

I could not believe what I was listening to.

"I already had this conversation with Mike and he was already giving away canned goods with working, dusting and stacking for free. You better hurry up and get back there."

"That's not fair," I sighed.  "You have to pay something!"

"You said you wanted to learn. If you don't learn it now, you will grow up to be like two women and old men sitting in my room, working for money and hoping that I  Won't fire them. Or just like your dad, being in debt only to his eyeball to earn a lot of money, hopefully more money will solve the problem. If you want, I'll pay 10 cents an hour.  Go back to our original deal. Or most of which you can do the same as adults complain that the left is not enough time, and are looking for another job. "

"But what do I do?"  I asked

Rich Dad put me on the head.  "Use it," he said.  "If you use it well, you will soon thank you for giving me an opportunity and you will grow into a rich man."

I stood there, still not believing what raw deal I was assigned.  I came for a demand, and I was not working on anything.

Rich Dad patted me again on the head and said, "Use it."  Now get out of here and move back.  "

Lesson # 1: Wealth is not rich

I did not tell my poor father that I was not being paid.  He has not understood, and I was not ready to try to understand something myself.

For three more weeks, Mike and I worked three hours every Saturday.  The workday did not bother me, and the routine became easier, but it missed the baseball game and was not able to buy some of the comic books I found.

  Rich Dad stayed until noon on the third week.  We heard that when his engine stopped, he pulled the truck into the splatter of the parking lot.  He entered the store and hugged Mrs. Martinwith.  After finding out how things were going in the store, he rushed to the ice cream freezer, took out twice, paid for them and signaled Mike and me.

"Come on, let's go for the boys."

We crossed the road, dodging a few cars, and walked into a large meadow, where adults were playing adult softball.  Sitting at a lonely picnic table, they treated Mike and Math.

"How's it going, boys?"

"Okay," Mike said.

I nodded my head in agreement.

"Learn anything yet?"  Rich Dad asked.

Mike and I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and shook our heads unilaterally.

Avoiding the biggest trap in life

"Well, you boys started thinking better.  You are looking at one of life's biggest lessons.  If you learn this, you will enjoy a life of great freedom and security.  If you don't, you'll like Mrs. Martin and most of the people playing softball in this park.  They make very little money, get caught up in the illusion of job security and expect a three-week vacation every year after forty-five years of service and perhaps even a miser pension.  If you like it, I'll raise you to 25 cents an hour.  "

"But these are good hard working people.  Are you making fun of them?  "I sought.

A smile came on Amir Dad's face.

"Mrs. Martin is like a mother to me. I'll never be that cruel. I can seem ruthless because I'm trying my best to tell you something. I want to expand my point so you can see  That most people never got the benefit of seeing because their vision is too narrow. Most people never see what trap they are in. "

Mike and I were sitting there, unsure of his message.  He looked cruel, yet we can understand that he is ruining the house to run at one point.

With a smile, the rich father said, "Isn't this 25 cents an hour sound good?"  Doesn't it speed up the heartbeat a little?  "

I didn't shake my head, but it really was.  Twenty five cents an hour would be big money for me.

"Okay, I'll pay you a dollar an hour," said rich Dad with a sly grin.

Now my heart started racing.  My mind was screaming, "Lo.  Take it  "I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  Still, I did not say anything.

"Okay, two dollars an hour."

 My little mind and heart almost burst.  After all, it was 1956 and being paid $ 2 an hour made me the richest kid in the world.  I could not imagine earning that kind of money.  I wanted to say yes.  I wanted a deal.  I could snap a new bicycle, new baseball gloves, and my friends to worship, when I flashed some cash.  On top of that, Jimmy and his rich friends could never call me poor again.

But somehow my mouth remained shut.

The ice cream had melted and was going down my hand.  Rich Dad stared back at him, eyes wide open and his mind empty.  He was testing us, and he knew that it was a part of our feelings that wanted to take the deal.  He understood that each person had a weak and needy part of their soul that could be bought, and he knew that each person had a part of their soul that was resilient and that could never be bought.  It was a question of which one was stronger.

"Okay, five dollars an hour."

Suddenly I fell silent.  Something had changed.  The proposal was very big and funny.  In 1956 Nottum did more than grow up, but quickly my temptation disappeared, and slowly set, slowly, I turned to my left to look at Mike.  He looked at me.  Part of the soul of the weak and needy was silenced.  The part of me that didn't cost anything.  Econ Mike had also noted that point.

"Good" said the rich father softly.  “Most people have a price.  And they are valued because of human emotions called fear and greed.  First, the fear of being without money motivates us to work hard, and then once we get that salary, greed or desire, we start thinking about all those amazing things,  Who can buy money.  The pattern is then set.  "

"What pattern?"  I asked

"Get up, go to work, pay the bills;  Wake up, go to work, pay the bills.  People's lives are always controlled by two emotions: fear and greed.  Offer them more money and they continue the cycle by increasing their spending.  I call it a rat race.  "

"Another way?"  Mike asked.

"Yes," said rich father softly.  "But few people find it."

"And what is that method?"  Mike asked.  "I hope you boys work and study with me.

That's why I took out all kinds of salary.  "

"Any hint?"  Mike asked.  "We're tired of working hard, especially for nothing."

"Well, the first step is telling the truth," said Rich Dad.

"We are not lying," I said.

"I did not say you were lying.  I said tell the truth, "The rich father retreated.

"What did I ask?"

"How are you feeling," said Rich Dad.  "You don't have to say it to anyone else, just accept yourself."

"You mean the people in this park, the people who work for you, Mrs. Martin, they don't do that?"  I asked

"I doubt it," said Rich Dad.  "Instead, they feel afraid of not having money.  They do not face it logically.  They react emotionally instead of using their heads, ”Amir Dad said.  “Then, they get a few rupees in their hands and again, the feelings of happiness, desire and greed are gone.  And again they react instead of thinking.  "

"So their emotions control their brain," Mike said.

"That's right," said Rich Dad.  “Instead of accepting the truth of how they feel, they react to their feelings and fail to think.  They feel fear so they go to work, hoping that money will calm the fear, but it doesn't.  This continues to haunt them and they return to work, hoping that the money will calm their fears, and it will not happen again.  Fear puts them in this trap of working, earning money, working, earning money, hoping that fear will go away.  But every day they wake up, and that old fear arises with them.  For millions of people that old fear keeps them awake all night, creating nights of turmoil and anxiety.  So they get up and go to work, hoping that a salary will kill the fear that is in their souls.  Money is driving their lives, and they refuse to tell the truth about that.  Money is in control of their emotions and their spirits.  "

Rich Dad sat quietly, letting his words come in.  Mike and I heard what he said but did not fully understand what he was talking about.  I just knew that I often wondered why I grew up to work.

It didn't seem very funny, and they never looked happy, but something kept them up.

Realizing that we had absorbed as much as possible, the rich father said, "I want you boys to escape that trap."  This is what I want to teach you.  Not just for the sake of being uninterested, because being rich does not solve the problem.  "

"Is not it?"  I asked in surprise.

"No, it's not. Let me explain the other feeling: Desire. Some people call it greed, but I prefer desire. It is perfectly normal to desire to make something better, beautiful, more fun or exciting. So people want  Also work for money. They want money for pleasure that they think it can buy. But the happiness that money brings is often short-lived, and they soon get more.  A. Happiness, more happiness, more comfort and more security require more money. So they keep working, thinking money will calm their souls who are troubled by fear and desire. But money cannot do that.

 "Rich people do it too?"  Mike asked.

"Rich people include," Rich Dad said.  “In fact, many rich people are not rich because of desire, but because of fear.  They believe that money can eliminate the fear of being poor, so they do a lot about it, only to find that the fear worsens.  Now they fear losing money.  I have friends who keep working despite doing a lot of work.  I know people who have millions who are now more afraid of being poor.  They are terrified of losing it.  The fear he had for getting rich worsened.  The weak and needy part of his soul is screaming really loudly.  They do not want to lose big houses, cars and high life money has bought them.  He worries about what his friends would say if all his money ran out.  Many are emotionally desperate and deranged, although they look rich and have more money.  "

"So a poor man is happy?"  I asked

"No, I don't think so," Rich Dad replied.  "Avoiding money is as much mental as being attached to money."

As if on cue, the tracks of the city went behind our table, stopping with the big dustbin and moving around it.  The three of us looked at him with great fervor when he would have unnecessarily ignored him before.

Rich Dad took out a dollar from his wallet and gestured to the older man.  Seeing the money, the offending was immediately over, took the bill, thanked the rich daddy, and hurried, happy with his good fortune.

"He's not very different from most of my employees," Rich Dad said.  "I met many people who say, 'Oh, I'm not interested in money."  Yet they work for eight hours a day.  This is a denial of truth.  If they are not interested in money, why are they working?  This type of thinking is probably more mental than the person who deposits money.  "

When I sat there listening to my rich father, my mind retreated countless times, my owl said, "I am not interested in money."  He said those words often.  He always covered himself saying, "I work because I love my job."

"So what do we do?"  I asked  "Don't work for money until all the traces of fear and greed are gone?"

"No, it would be a waste of time," said Rich Dad.  “Emotions make us human.  The word 'spirit' means 'energy in motion'.  "Be truthful about your feelings and use your mind and emotions in your favor, not against yourself."

"Wow!"  Mike said.

"Don't worry about what I said. It will make more sense in the coming years. Just be an observer, not a reactor to your emotions. Most people don't know that it is their feelings that satisfy the thinking  Are. Your feelings are your feelings, but you have to learn to think on your own. "

"Can you give me an example?"  I asked

"Sure," Rich Dad replied.  "When a person says, 'I need to find a job," it is most likely a thinking.  He thinks for fear of not having money.  "

"But people need money if they have bills to pay," I said.

"Of course they do," Amir Dad smiled.  "I am only saying that it is the fear that everyone is often thinking about."

"I don't understand," Mike said.

"For example," said Rich Dad.  "If there is a fear of not having enough money, then instead of rushing to get a job immediately, they can instead ask themselves the question: 'Will the job be the best solution to this fear in the long run?"  In my opinion, the answer is no.  Jobs are actually a short-term solution to a long-term problem.  "

"But my dad has always said, my stay in school and get good grades so that you can get a safe, secure job," I declined briefly.

"Yes, I understand that he says that," said rich Dad smiling.  "That's what most people recommend, and it's a good route for most people. But people make that recommendation mainly out of fear."

"You mean that my father says that because he is afraid?"

"Yes," said rich Dad.  "He panics that you didn't make enough money and don't fit into society. Don't get me wrong. He loves you and wants the best for you. I also believe that an education and a job are important, but  It did not handle the fear. You see, the same fear that he is afraid of getting up in the morning to earn a few bucks, which makes him so fanatical about going to your school. "

"So what do you recommend?"  I asked

“I want to teach you the power of money, rather than being afraid of fear.  They do not teach that in school and, if you do not learn it, you become a slave to money.  "

It was finally making sense.  He wanted us to broaden our thoughts and see what Mrs. Martins of this world could not see.  They used examples that seemed cruel at the time, but I forgot them.  My vision widened that day, and I began to see the trap that lay ahead for most people.

"You see, we're finally all employees. We just work at different levels," said Amir Dad. "I just want you boys to have a chance to avoid being trapped by those two feelings, fear and desire  . Use them in your favor, not against you. That's what I want to teach you. I'm not interested in teaching you just to make piles of money. Don't handle that fear or desire.  Hia. If you're already taking no fear and desire, and you become rich, you will have only a high-paid slave. "

"Then how shall we escape from the trap?"  I asked

“The main cause of poverty or financial conflict is fear and ignorance, not the economy or the government or the rich.  It is self-fear and ignorance to keep people implicated.  So you boys go to school and get your college degree, and let me teach you how to stay out of the trap.  "

Pieces of the puzzle were visible.  My highly educated father had a great education and a great career, but the school never told him how to deal with money or its fears.  It is clear that I can learn different and important things from the two fathers.

"So you're talking about the fear of not having money. How does the desire for money affect our thinking?" Mike asked.

"How did you feel when I wooed you with an increment?  Did you see your desires growing?  "

We shook our heads.  "By not giving in to your feelings, you were able to delay your thoughts and think.  it's important.  We will always have feelings of fear and greed.  From here, it is necessary for you to use those feelings to your advantage, and do not let your emotions control your thinking for long.  Most people use fear and greed.  This is the beginning of ignorance.  Most people spend their lives chasingpekit due to feelings of desire and fear, raising salaries and job security, not exactly where the thoughts inspired by those feelings are leading them.  This is just as a donkey pulls a car with its owner and a carrot hangs in front of its nose.  The donkey's owner can go wherever he wants, but the donkey is chasing an illusion.

There will be only one more carrot for donkeys tomorrow.  "

"You mean the moment I snap a new baseball glove, candy and toys, like a carrot to a donkey" - Mike asked.

"Yes, and as you get older, your toys become more expensive - a new car, a boat, and a bigger house to impress your friends," the rich father said with a smile.  "Fear pushes you out the door, and desire invites you."  it's trap.

"So what's the answer," Mike asked.

"He who intensifies fear and desire is ignorance.  This is why rich people with a lot of money often have a greater fear of getting rich.  Money is carrot, there is confusion.  If Donkey can see the full picture, he can reconsider his choice to chase carrots.  "

Rich Dad explained that a man's life is a struggle between ignorance and pact.

He told that once a person stops searching for information and self-knowledge, ignorance comes inside.  This struggle is a moment-by-moment decision - learning to open or close the mind.

"Look, school is very important.  You go to school to learn a skill or profession to become a contributing member of society.  Every culture needs teachers, doctors, mechanics, artists, cooks, businessmen, police officers, firefighters and soldiers.  The schools trained them so that the society could prosper and prosper, ”the rich father said.  "Unfortunately, for many people school is the end, not the beginning."

There was a long silence.  Rich Dad was smiling.  I did not understand everything he said that day.  But as with most great teachers, his words continued to teach for years.

"I was a little cruel today," said Rich Dad.  "But I want you to always remember this.  I want you to always think about Mrs. Martin.  And I want you to always remember that asshole.  Do not forget that fear and desire can take you into the biggest trap of life if you do not know them to control your thinking.  To live your life in fear, never spend your dreams in search, is cruel.  To work hard for money, thinking that it will buy you things that will make you happy, is also cruel.  Waking up in the middle of the night panicking about paying bills is a terrible way to live.  To live a life determined by the size of a salary is not to actually live a life.  Lying to yourself thinking that an action makes you safe.  That cruel, and the trap from which I want to avoid you.  I have seen how money drives people's lives.  This will not be allowed to happen to you.  Please do not let money run your life.

A softball rolled under our table.  Rich Dad picked him up and threw him back.

"So what does ignorance have to do with greed and fear?"  I asked

"Because it is ignorance about money that causes so much greed and fear," said Rich Dad.  "Let me give you some examples. A doctor, who wants to provide better money for his family, increases his fees. By increasing his fees, it makes health care more expensive for everyone. It helps poor people the most.  Cause harm, so they have worse health than money. Because doctors increase their fees, lawyers increase their fees. Because lawyers' fees have gone up so much, so  School students want to raise one, which raises our taxes, and on and on. Soon there will be such a terrible chasm between rich and poor that chaos will break and another great civilization will collapse. History proves  That great civilizations collapse when the gap between Hades and Havelis is very high. Sadly, America is on the same course as we have not learned from history.  L'recall historical dates and names, not the text. "

"Shouldn't the prices go up?"  I asked

“In an educated society with a well-run government, prices should really come down.  Of course, this is often true in theory.  Prices rise due to greed and fear due to ignorance.  If schools teach people about money, there will be more money and less cost.  But schools only focus on teaching people to work for money, not to harness the power of money.  "

"But we don't have business schools?"  Mike asked.  "And didn't you encourage me to go for my MBA?"

"Yes," said rich Dad.  "But all too often business schools train employees to become sophisticated bean-counters.  The forbidden paradise for the bean-counter takes a business.  They look at all the numbers, fire people, and kill the business.  I know this because I hire beancounters.  All they think is cost cuts and rising prices, which cause more problems.  Bean-counting is important.  I wish more people knew it, but even that is not the whole picture.

"So is there any answer?"  Mike asked.

"Yes," said rich Dad.  "Learn to use your feelings, don't think with your feelings."  When you mastered your feelings by agreeing to let the boys work for free, I knew that there was hope.  When you again resisted your feelings when I wooed you with more money, you were learning to think again despite being emotionally charged.  That is the first step.  "

"Why is that step so important?"  I asked

"Well, it's up to you to find out. If you want to learn, I'll take the boys to the bruise of bribes, a place that almost everyone survives. If you go with me, you'll  Will give up the idea of ​​working for money and learn to work for you instead. "" And what will we get if we go with you. What will happen if we agree to learn from you? What will we get? "I  Ask  Referring to the classic children's story, Amir Rabbit said, "The same thing happened."

"Is there a bribe?"  I asked

"Yes," said rich Dad.  “The bribery patch is our fear and greed.  Choosing one's own thoughts is the only way to face fears, weaknesses and needs.  "

"Choose our thoughts?"  Mike asked, surprised.

"Yes. Choosing what we think instead of reacting to our feelings."

Instead of just getting up and going to work because you don't have the money to pay your bills, you ask yourself, 'What is the best solution to this problem?'  Most people are rationally afraid to think about things and instead hate a job.  Tar Baby is in control.  This is what I mean by choosing your views.  "

"And how do we do it?"  Mike asked.

"That's what I'll teach you."  I will teach you to choose ideas rather than a knee jerk reaction, like drinking your morning coffee and walking out the door.

"Remember what I said before: A job is only a short-term solution to a long-term problem. The only problem that most people have in mind is short-term. It's Bill Baby, at the end of the month. Money is their life.  Controls, or should I say, fear and ignorance about money controls it. So they do what their parents did. They get up every day  और and work for money, do not take time to ask questions, क्या is there any other way? उनकी Their emotions now control their thinking, not their head. "

"Can you tell the difference between thinking and feelings?"  Mike asked.

"Oh yes. I hear it all the time," said rich dad. "I hear such things, okay, everybody has to work."  Or cro are rich crooks.  Or 'I'll get another job.  I deserve this hike.  You can't make me move around.  'Or' I like this job because it's safe. '  No one asks, "Is there something missing here?"  Which will break with emotional thought and give you time to think clearly.  "

When we went back to the store, Rich Dad explained that Rich actually "made money."  He did not work for it.  He reported that when Mike and I were getting five-cent out of the lead, thinking we were making money, we were very close to the way of thinking rich.  The problem was that making money is legal for the government and banks, but illegal for us.  There are legal ways to make money from nothing, he told us.

Rich Dad explained that the rich know that money is an illusion, really like a carrot to a donkey.  It is only out of fear and greed that the illusion of money comes together from the births of those who believe that money is real.  this.  Money is indeed made.  This is due to the confusion of faith and ignorance of the general public that stands in this house.

He talked about the gold standard that America had on it, and each dollar bill was actually a silver certificate.  He was rumored that we would someday go out of the gold standard and our dollar would not be supported by anything concrete.

"If that happens, boys, all hell will loose. The lives of poor, middle class and ignorant people will be ruined because they continue to believe that money is real and that the company they work for, or the government, takes care of them."  Will do. "

We didn't really understand what he was saying that day, but over the years it made morality more important.

What miss seeing others

When he climbed into his pickup truck outside his convenience store, Rich Dad said, "Working boys, but the sooner you forget about needing a paycheck, the easier your adult life will be."  Keep using your brain, work for free, and soon your brain will show you the way to show you the money I can pay you anytime.  You will see things that other people see.  Most people never see these opportunities because they are looking for money and insecurity, so that they get it all.  The moment you see an opportunity, you can see them for your life.  The moment you do this, I will teach you something else.  Know this, and you will survive one of the biggest traps in life.

Mike and I picked up our things from the store and said goodbye to Mrs. Martin. We went to the park, in the same picnic bench, and spent many more hours thinking and talking.

We spent the next week in school thinking and talking. For two more weeks, we continued to work for free, talking.

At the end of the second Saturday, I was again saying goodbye to Mrs. Martin and watching the Atari comic-book stand with a long stare. The hard thing about not getting even 30 centives on Saturday was that I had no money to buy comic books. Suddenly, as Mrs. Martin said goodbye to Mike and me, I saw her doing something I had never seen before.

Mrs. Martin was cutting the front page of the comic book in the half. He placed half of the cover of the book on top and threw the rest of the book into a large cardboard box. When I asked what she did with the comic books, she said, "I throw them away. When he brings new comics, I give the top half cover to the comic-book distributor for credit. He is coming in an hour. "

Mike and I waited for an hour. Soon the distributor arrived, and I asked him if we could get the comic books. To my delight, he said, "If you work for this store you can have them and don't have to resell them."

Remember our old business partnership? Well, Mike and I revived it. Using an empty room in Mike's basement, we began storing hundreds of comic books in that room. Soon our comic-book library was open to the public. We hired Mike's younger sister, who was fond of studying, she was the head librarian. They charged each child 10 cents for admission to the library, which was open at 2:30 in the afternoon. 4:30 pm. every day after school. Customers, neighborhood children, could read as many comics as they wanted in two hours. This was an advantageous deal for them as the comic cost 10 cents each, and they could read five or six in two hours.

Mike's sister will investigate the children as they left to make sure they are not borrowing any kind of books. She also kept books, logged in how many children show up every day, completely, and any of her comments. Mike and I averaged $ 9.50 per week over the three-month period. We paid her sister a week and allowed her to read comics for free, which she rarely did because she always read.

Mike and I made our agreement every Saturday by working in the store and collecting all the comic books from various stores. We kept our agreement for the distributor by noting any comic books. Once we burned them they got very fed up. We tried to open the office, but we were never able to dedicate ourselves to someone as trustworthy and as Mike's sister. At an early age, we came to know how difficult it was to find good employees.

Three months after the library opened, a quarrel in the room began. He was pushed into the neighborhood of some slaughterhouses and Mike's father suggested that we shut down the business. So our comic-book business closed, and we stopped working at the convenience store on Saturday. But the rich father was excited because he had new things that he wanted from us. He was happy because we had learned our first lesson so well: we learned to make money for us. By not paying for our work at the store, we had to force our imaginations to identify an opportunity to make money. By starting our own business, a comic-book library, we were in control of our own finances, not relying on an employer. The best thing was that our business generated money for us, even when we were not physically there. Our money worked for us. Instead of giving us money, rich dad gave us so much more.

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