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12. Success or Failure:

  Mankind is desirous of achieving a success, to make every life a success.  Sometimes, it is true, they act as if they had noted what the result of their labor was.  But even in the most abandoned and carefree life, there are moments when their good angels point them to the heights they can climb, that a desire is born

  "Something better they have known."

  but alas!  They do not have the willpower to do the necessary diligence.

  We are faced with two ends - success or failure.  We need labor and perseverance to conquer the former.  We must remember that those who embark for glory must emulate Acton's meteorites, and advance the game not only to where there is a path, but where there is none.  They need to be able to simulate and propagate;  Leap and creep;  To conquer the earth like Cæsar;  Fall down and kiss it as if Brutus is there;  To throw his sword, like Brennanus, in trembling scale;  Or, like Nelson, to snatch Laurels out of the doubtful hand of victory, while she is hesitant about where to best them.  He who will succeed in life must make perseverance his friend, make his wise counselor feel, caution his elder brother, and give hope to his guardian.  He should not see it again because fate is sometimes against him, but when he travels or lets it fall, like Kosar when he stumbles over the edge, stumbles forward, and escapes the omen, his nature and meaning  Replaced it.  Remembering that the conditions that are misused to be a palliative of failure are a true test of competence, get her ready for what she needs in the mysterious economy of the future.  Thus he would grow from superior to inauspicious, and would become more and more impervious to his attacks daily, learning to force his way despite this, until, at last, he would be able to fashion his luck by his will.

  "Life is too short," says a clever thinker, "we must do much to ruin a moment for us."  We should go after success, because it will not come to us, and we have no time.  "If you wish to succeed, you must do as you do to get from the crowd to the gate, all eager to reach their ground and work hard; standing still leaving the fight  Is. Give your energy the highest employment that your nature is capable of. Be alive, be patient, work hard, see opportunities, be steadfastly honest, hope for the best;  And if you are not able to reach the goal of his ambition, which is possible despite the extreme efforts, you can aspire to humans after they die with the consciousness of my best, that all successful breakthrough.

  As manhood grows and the young man catches his first light, the petals of the dreaming dreams, the golden domes of high possibilities, and the hills of great delight, and then the narrow, sinful, long and dusty paths, by which  Others have reached them, he is apt to hate the path, and to seek success through wide channels and by quick means.  It takes a very discouraging process to start at the bottom of the hills and work slowly up to the top, and it is here that thousands of young people have built their lives onboard.  There is no secret road to success.  The way troubles and discourages.  This is implied through the areas of earnest, patient labor.  It calls for the youth to pursue energy and determination.  It bids that he build his foundation well, but it is a byproduct of this crown victory.

  There was never a time in the history of the world when any profession demanded higher success or harder or higher income labor than now.  It is impossible to succeed in a hurry.  Men can no longer take prominent positions on a single leap.  As it is most prized to obtain articles that require the greatest amount of labor, the road leading to success is long and bumpy.  What if a round breaks or a leg is slipped;  Such things should be expected, and are to be expected, to be overcome.  Rome was not built in a day;  But the evidence of its magnificent temples can still be seen.  We all build a temple to last for eternity.  A structure to last so long, it may take a day to build?  The time of life is required for the construction of the monument compared to Rome and is more permanent than the Adamant.  It is the hardest, strongest work, step by step, that achieves success;  And while energy and persistence are reaping rewards for stable workers, others, sitting by the wayside, are wondering why they too cannot succeed.  They forget, of course, that the true key is labor, and it is nothing but a strong, firm will.

  The secret to one's success or failure usually lies in the answer to the question, "How much does he earn?"  Success is a child of confidence and perseverance.  The talent for success is just what you can do well, and whatever you do, you can do it without thinking.  Success is the best test of ability, and in our own favorable opinion materially confirms us.  Success in life is the proper and harmonious development of the faculties that God has given us.  Whatever you try to do in life, try wholeheartedly to do it well;  Whatever you dedicate yourself to, completely dedicate it.  Never assume that any natural ability can claim immunity from the association of stable, simple, hard-working qualities, and hopes to achieve its end.  There can be no such satisfaction on this earth.  Some happy talents and some lucky opportunities may form on the side of the ladder, on which some people rise;  But stair rounds must be made of material to withstand wear and tear, and there is no substitute for a thoroughgoing, enthusiastic, sincere honesty.  Never put your hand on anything in which you cannot throw your whole self;  Do not let the disregard of your own work affect you, whatever it may be.

  Although success is the guide for which all men, they have often, to labor vigorously without any glimpse of success in sight.  They, meanwhile, have to live up to their courage.  Sow their seed, it may be in the dark, in the hope that it will yet take root and spring to the result achieved.  The best of the causes have had to fight their way to victory through a long succession of failures, and many of the attackers have died before Destiny has won.  The valor he has displayed must be measured, not by his immediate successes, but in the manner in which he has sustained the struggle with the opposition and courage he wields.

  The habits required for the efficient prosecution of any type of business, and the resulting success, are the most important are application, observation, method, accuracy, punctuality, and dispatch.  Some people satirize these qualities as small things, calling their notice wrong.  It should be remembered that human life is made up of Tripal.  As Pence pounds and minutes make hours, so it is the repetition of small things, seriously insignificant, that make up the human character.  In most cases where men have not been successful, this has happened due to the neglect of small things considered too subtle to be noticed.  This is the result of practical, every day experience, steady attention to detail is the mother of good fortune.  Accuracy is also of great importance, and an infallible mark of good training in a man — accuracy in observation, precision in speech, precision in the transaction of affairs.  What is done in business should be done well if you will win the desired success.

  Give power to a man, and a field in which to use it, and he must gain something.  He cannot do this and do everything he wants and dreams, but his life cannot fail well.  God has given all of us the ability and opportunity so that we can succeed.  If we fail completely in most cases, it is our own fault.  We have either neglected to improve the talents with which our Creator has supported us, or we have failed to enter the door that has been opened to us.  Such is the constitution of human society, that a wise man gradually learns not to expect too much from life;  When he strives for success in worthy ways, he will be prepared for failure.  He will keep his mind open for enjoyment, but will submit patiently to suffering.  Wastes and complaints are never of any use in life;  Only by doing continuous work in cheerful and correct paths is the real benefit.  Despite our best efforts, failures are in store for many of us.  This remains when you can do the best you can under all circumstances, remembering that the race is not always fast nor the fight is strong.  It is through the correct application of speed and power that you have to work your way up.  It is not enough to do the right thing, it must be done in the right way, at the right time, if you will achieve success.

  Young man, have you ever thought long and honestly about what you are capable of doing in the world?  If not, turn it off.  You expect to do something, you want to achieve success.  Have you ever wondered what success is?  It is not involved in amassing a fortune;  Some of the most unsuccessful men have done so.  Remember, too, that success and fame are not synonymous words.  Not all of you can be famous as a lawyer, politician or divine.  You may or may not accumulate a fortune.  But is it not true that wealth, rank, and fame are but accidents of success, whether or not success happens to them, that it is something above and beyond them?  In this sense of the word, if you only fall, then you are to blame.  It is in your power to live life with honesty and respect.  You can live so much that everyone will respect and honor you.  You can say happy words to discourage, words of caution to wrong someone.  You can help remove some obstacle from the path of the weak.  You can provoke the desire of people around you to live a pure, straight life.  You can bid those who are surrounded by waves of bills and sorrows, to see them and to see the sun shining through the dark clouds.  You can do all this, and a great success will be your reward.  Away, then, with his slowness.  You are a man;  Are born in their strength and their manhood.  Pledge to be in it, its true meaning, a successful person.  And then if wealth or fame waits upon you, and men are happy to honor you, they will join your eyebrow, but the gilded frame brings success.

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