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Sunday, 17 May 2020

How to Approve Adsense in 10 days | Billionaire Mentor

How to Approve Adsense in 10.
Google adsense
In the early times of blogging, every blogger uses Google Adsense for earning.  But some people do not know how to approve Google Adsense Account.  Today I give a trick for Google Adsense Approval.  This trick is 100% work for everyone.

Step by step google adsense approval trick

Step 1 - Buy a top level domain eg (.com, .us, .uk, .in).

Step 2 - Create a domain specific email address, eg

Step 3 - Add legal pages like About, Contact, Privacy.

Step 4 - Make sure you use a clean easy design.

Step 5 - Submit your blog sitemap to Google Search Console.

Step 6 - Write a daily article for 10 days.  (Article should be 100% unique and 1000 words, do not copy images. Make each image yourself)

Step 7 - Share in social media.

Step 8 - Apply for Google Adsense with domain name ID after 10 days.

Within 48 hours, your Google Adsense is approved.  I approved a lot of Adsense using this trick.

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