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The Best Business Software Programs That Will Improve Your Business

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 It was not long ago when starting a new business was really complicated.  You need to buy offices, inventory, and appoint employees to help you with tasks.  Although this era is long gone.  Today, there are countless software programs that help simplify everyday business tasks.  There are countless business software solutions in today's market, from marketing tools to small business software.  Running a business is not easy, even for those whose home office is your kitchen table.  So here are some of my favorite business tools, along with insights from amazing entrepreneurs who dive into their favorite business software.

Best Business Software Program for Small Business

 1. Kit

 The biggest challenge is getting audiences to sell what new entrepreneurs face.  If no money is put in, your new business may collapse.  But marketing can be complicated for new entrepreneurs.  It is not easy. You have not created an advertisement and hit jackpot.  Luckily, marketing tools such as kits help automate the marketing aspect of your business.  It acts as a marketing assistant, sending you reminders to post on social media when creating product ads or offering discounts to customers.  Marketing software will not be better than this.

 2. Freedom

 Have you ever been so burdened with your workload that you have become relaxed?  I have.  I originally bought this business software, Freedom, as I saw it recommended by Seth Godin.  What I love about this software program is that it blocks websites for a certain amount of time, so that you are just forced to get things done.  I literally use it all the time.  So bye-bye notification checking, it's time to buckle down. Another easy trick I use for this is to reduce my personal expenses.  Say that you spend a lot of money on some websites, then you can add the website to your block list.  This way you have more money to spend on growing your business.  Shopkeeping is now fixed, welcome.

 3.  Google products

 No one makes more small business software than Google.  And their trading tools come in very handy.  If you're writing a blog post, you can use Google Docs, which auto-saves all the drafts you've written.  Google Sheets can be used to create a budget or spreadsheet.  Google Analytics is great for giving you information about the performance of your website - the number of pageviews, conversion details, customer information and acquisition channels.  The Keyword Planner gives you information about which keywords to rank on your blog posts and webpages.  Google allows you to create an email address for your @ domain name using GMail's interface.  And Google has a long laundry list of other business software that you can use as well.

 4. Slack

 Slack is probably my favorite small business software.  Mostly because who doesn't like to send instant messages?  You do not need to add your freelancers to your Facebook or spend money on roaming charges while going abroad.  With Slack, you can communicate more efficiently with freelancers, business partners and employees.  Because let's be honest, we all get more than enough emails.  Am i right  While productivity may be slightly lower, team communication will be improved.

 5. Zoom

 Zoom is a popular business software for video conferencing.  It's free, which is great.  You can use this business tool to chat, conduct interviews, or networking with freelancers.  I used Zoom for mastermind groups with other entrepreneurs.  Since we were all based in different time zones, video chat allowed us to get to know each other in person.  I found that this software program does not have as many glicks or issues as I have tried in the past.

 6. Ice-Cream Apps

 Do you manage freelancers for your business?  Maybe you get some help with customer support or website development.  If you pay per hour instead of a flat rate, you can use software programs such as Icecream Apps Screen Recorder to record your freelancer's screen while working at your business.  This allows you to keep your costs down because you will be able to track how much work they were actually doing.  It will also tell you from the inside how they are doing their work so that you can analyze the quality of their work each day.  With such a commercial software, you can easily keep track of remote workers.

 7. Privy

 Marketing tools like Privy add email pop-ups when visitors start leaving your website.  Whether you are selling to other businesses or consumers, receiving email gives you a second chance to communicate.  The pop-up intended to exit the privy can be gamified.  For example, customers can enter their email to spin a wheel that offers them store discounts.  Even if, they do not use the rebate, you will still be able to continue to market that person - heating up leads.  This email marketing software is a must for any business website, considering how big the powerhouse email marketing is for brands.

 8. Mail Chimp

 When it comes to email marketing software, we can mention most clearly: Mail Chimp.  As the most popular business software for email, MailChimp is perfect for new entrepreneurs.  Why?  Their interface is user-friendly, their pricing is affordable, and they integrate with some of the most popular devices.  For example, if you own a shop, you will find many email / marketing apps that sync with MailChimp, including Privy.

 9. HubSpot

 HubSpot has software programs for marketing, sales and customer support.  They even have business tools like website graders that analyze the performance of your website.  When it comes to their software programs, they are designed to increase website traffic, get new leads, and help you close and manage your leads.  HubSpot has an extensive collection of free trade tools which you can find on their website.

 10. QuickBooks

 QuickBooks is probably one of the most important business software programs you need.  Especially, if you consider money to be an important part of your business.  And I know you do.  When it comes to business software for accounting, QuickBooks is arguably the most popular software for small to medium-sized businesses.  It allows you to keep track of your finances, manage payroll, track your bills, set up recurring payments, create invoices and manage taxes.  And a whole lot more!  It is an all-in-one software application for managing your finances.

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