The Top Bitcoin Influencers On Twitter | Bitcoin Influencers To Follow Right Now

 Want to get the inside scoop on crypto news?  Check out these visionary bitcoin influencers right now.

The Top Bitcoin Influencers On Twitter
The Top Bitcoin Influencers On Twitter | Bitcoin Influencers To Follow Right Now

Bitcoin is one of the first cryptocurrencies in history and, up to a point, it shows the impact that social value technology can offer. As well as being a pioneering piece of blockchain technology, it has proven to be a great way to price trust in today's market.

Part of the success of bitcoin is seeing the current world of business open up, with many thought leaders making a name for themselves in the industry thanks to their unique insights into the world of cryptocurrency trends.

Want to know where bitcoin is going? Want to hear which cryptocurrency is poised to boom, or to hear if major leaders think bitcoin is flawed? See what the biggest influencers of bitcoin had to say about it below...

Marc Andreessen

The Top Bitcoin Influencers On Twitter

Marc Andreessen is a seasoned trailblazer in the tech landscape, as co-founder of blockchain company Andreessen-Horowitz and creator of Netscape. In 2016, Andreessen deleted his Twitter feed, but left people a pretty epic offer: You can ask him any question for $100.

This means that you basically have one of the biggest bitcoin influencers ready to tell you what will happen next or what he thinks will be the best investment for you.

Follow Marc Andreessen on Twitter: @pmarca

Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz, Marc Andreessen's partner in crime, can also claim to be one of the biggest bitcoin influencers in the social media arena. He has a very long history as a software developer and analytics, and is regularly acclaimed as a top bitcoin investor and analyst.

Again, that is to be expected from a man who heads one of the largest blockchain companies in the world.

Follow Ben Horowitz on Twitter: @bhorowitz

Charlie Lee

The Top Bitcoin Influencers On Twitter

Believe it or not, one of the biggest bitcoin influencers is actually the inventor of one of bitcoin's biggest competitors: Litecoin. That's right, Charlie Lee is one of the people who led the creation and promotion of Litecoin.

Lee recently quit his full-time job to promote his own digital currency and work at SegWit, and such dedication speaks volumes about why his word should be trusted to the cryptocurrency world.

Follow Charlie Lee on Twitter: @SatoshiLite

Gavin Andresen

Gavin Andresen has a following that would make most younger celebrities a little jealous. As one of the original developers of Bitcoin Core, it is clear that he is one of the most trusted bitcoin influencers on the scene.

The funny thing about Andresen is that he has no problem admitting that cryptocurrencies are risky, and has no hesitation in telling people what they need to know. Bluntness and a fun flair for Geekdom is what makes it

Follow Gavin Andresen on Twitter: @gavinandresen

John McAfee

The Top Bitcoin Influencers On Twitter

If you use McAfee Antivirus, you may already recognize the name of this Bitcoin influencer. After launching one of the largest antivirus software suites of the '90s and becoming famous for several scams, McAfee became the chief cybersecurity visionary at MGT Capital Investments - one of the largest bitcoin mining operations in North America .

Few understand the nature of the Internet the way McAfee does, and even fewer understand the inner workings of blockchain technology as it does. In terms of clout, McAfee blows most other bitcoin influencers out of the water.

Follow John McAfee on Twitter: @officialmcafee

Katherine Nicholson

You might think that the world of bitcoin influencers is a boys' club, but you would be wrong. Katherine Nicholson is the CEO of BlockCypher, and has rapidly risen to the top of the blockchain game due to her involvement in building reliable, secure blockchain apps.

His Twitter feed is part of social issues and part of blockchain technology investment talks. Either way, it's a good read and should give you an appreciation of the inner workings of the blockchain world.

Follow Katherine Nicholson on Twitter: @catheryne_n

Barry Silbert

The Top Bitcoin Influencers On Twitter

As CEO of Digital Currency Group, it only makes sense to include Barry Silbert on the list of major bitcoin influencers. Investing in cryptocurrency does that, and he's doing it very well.

Silbert is one of the very few people associated with both Grayscale Investments and CoinDesk. His analysis of the cryptocurrency market is sterling, and given that he has over 100 different types of coins in his portfolio, you can bet that he will share his thoughts on the investments you make.

Follow Barry Silbert on Twitter: @barrysilbert

Jimmy Song

Imagine being able to talk to one of the people who not only influenced bitcoin, but actually helped grow it. Does it pique your interest? If so, you will understand what makes former bitcoin developer Jimmy Song one of the biggest bitcoin influencers in the world.

No one has as much influence in the crypto-world as someone who is influential, so it's safe to say that he has rightfully earned the influence he has.

Follow Jimmy Song on Twitter: @jimmysong

Roger Vero

Without a doubt, Roger Ver is one of the real OGs investing in bitcoin. Not only did he get into this before being a guide on how to invest in bitcoin, but he claims to be one of the very first serious investors in the cryptocurrency in fact.

Ver was present throughout the journey and serves as a testament to the financial power that cryptocurrency can pack. If you want to see an investor with a track record of success, you need to check out Ver's feed.

Follow Roger Ver on Twitter: @rogerkver

Tim Draper

Venture capitalist Tim Draper became one of bitcoin's biggest influencers during the end of bitcoin's dark web era. He surprised the investment world by buying 3,000 bitcoins in 2014 - shortly after the closure of the Silk Road.

As we can all see, Draper's visionary risk-taking has certainly paid off, which is what makes him such an awesome person to follow.

Follow Tim Draper on Twitter: @TimDraper

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